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OSQO is a marketplace for mortgage deposit bonds, the smartest way to fund home deposits

Bond Buyers get the upside without buying property

Investment in high growth residential real estate markets is accelerating around the world. OSQO gives bond buyers easy, low cost exposure to these markets without the need to buy a property

Homebuyers get the home they can afford now

Homebuyers in high growth markets are falling further behind the longer they wait to save for a deposit. OSQO gets them onto the property ladder without paying lender's mortgage insurance

Banks lend more responsibly to qualified homebuyers

One in five homebuyers don’t have a 20% deposit available to qualify for a regular mortgage. OSQO helps banks by making home-buying more accessible and keeping loan-to-value ratios at 80%

How OSQO works

Homebuyers register their campaign and invite friends and family to invest
Investors can find properties that match their investment criteria and take a stake in them
OSQO formalises the debt arrangement between the Homebuyer and Investors in the form of an OSQO BOND

Homebuyers pay Bond Holders interest quarterly at their mortgage rate and both share in the capital growth over 5-7 years

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The benefits of investing in homeownership


Escape the rent trap
Stop watching the home you can afford appreciate faster than you can save for a deposit and also avoid mortgage insurance
Save on your mortgage
Qualify for cheaper interest rates by bringing a full deposit and reduce your total borrowing so you pay less interest each month
Make the smart move
Let your home earn its deposit as it appreciates in value


Get the upside without the downside
Earn mortgage related interest, share in the property’s capital growth and avoid residential property entry, exit and management costs
Spread your exposure
Build an OSQO BOND portfolio across multiple property markets without the usual buying and selling costs
Choose your risk profile
Select between peer-to-peer (direct) and a diversified (managed portfolio) of OSQO BONDS

OSQO is targeting the world's least affordable housing markets...

VAN 12.6x
SF 9.1x
LA 9.4x
HKG 19.4x
MEL 9.9x
SYD 12.9x
LON 8.5x
China$120B in Chinese offshore
investment in 2017
  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • China*
  • Aus
*China made $120B in offshore investments in 2017

…which are also the markets with the highest rates of offshore real estate investment.

Figures represent median house price to household income ratios

Meet the team

Executive team

Stuart McGregor
Former Market Maker for Accenture, Partner at IBM, Start-up Incubator and career change agent.
Mark Glikson
Former Microsoft General Manager of Developer & Platform Group Asia Pacific with 25 years of Product Development, Marketing experience.
John Houlihan
Agile strategy delivery, organisational design, people development and operational method founded on 9 years senior management at Toyota.
Lachlan Gibson
Strategist with a passion for new and innovative business models.
Chris Nolan
Proven brand strategist and campaign executive across PR, social, experiential, content marketing, advertising, and the digital ecosystem.
John Lee
An urban economist by background, John brings a commercial lens to
solve community problems.
Frans Kruger
Frans is a Project delivery professional with 30 years’ experience in delivering enterprise systems and transformational change for global businesses.

Advisory team

Richard Hames
Entrepreneur, Strategic Futurist, Mentor and Author.
Adam Grenier
Growth Consultant, Angel Investor and Startup Advisor, former Head of Growth Marketing and Marketing Innovation at Uber (US).
Jamie Skella
Co-Founder of Horizon State. Blockchain technologist, UX Designer and Crypto Evangelist.
Holly Ransom
Globally regarded thought leader, keynote speaker, moderator and facilitator.
Anthony Stevens
Co-founder of several start-ups, including cloud-based B2B commerce platform DeviceDesk, and former Partner and Chief Digital Officer at KPMG
Andrew Colbert
Global bond markets expert, including pricing, documentation and structuring to ensure an equitable arrangement for both issuers and investors.

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